Why Your Less-Skilled (And Less-Woke) Neighbour Will Make More Money Than You Next Year.

Look. I’ll be the first to admit to you that I am a very lazy person. I like to do things at my own time, and I hate stress passionately. My wife is tired of me.

Yet, despite my infernal laziness, last month my little, “one-man business” (one of my multiple businesses) generated over N30 million in sales at 85% profit.

Watch me login to one of our Nigerian online processors, Paystack.


Right under Buhari’s kill-and-go nose.

Hol’up! Before you feel triggered or offended, I ain’t trying to brag. Far from that.

I’m just showing you this so you can SEE that I know a thing or two about making money -as easily as possible. (There’s a second sneaky reason I’m showing you, but more on this in a bit…)

What’s interesting? To think that I almost sold off this same business to one of Nigeria’s top startup founders for under N40 million last year.

You see, the whole world may resent the concept of laziness, but I’ll say it is this same laziness that has helped me get the kind of results I typically get in any business I launch.

In this post, I will attempt to share some of the tough mental shifts you MUST make if you hope to make way more money than you’re making currently and with way less stress.

WARNING. Post might trigger tantrums.

My whole problem began as a kid with a terrible stammering problem. I often broke down in tears just to make a sentence.

The result was that I was almost always silent. And in that silence, a gift budded.

Idle and alone, I got busy observing stuff….life, people, things, patterns.

I observed hard working people. Rich and poor alike. I saw the toil of poor people and the forced-absence of “rich people”, sacrificing family time for paychecks and contracts.

I decided I didn’t want to be either.

As early as age 9, I knew what I didn’t want to be. How to pull it off was the problem.

For example, like almost everybody else, I didn’t want to be poor. I had a flat butt that hurt when I sat on hard surfaces for long. Being poor would be tougher for me than the average “yanch”.

Secondly, I didn’t want to be the kind of rich person who was almost always never at home. It hurts everything from spouse to kids and personal health.

It mean therefore that the answer I must come up with must:

  1. Allow me to get rich without sacrificing family (which I love) and personal health.

Unfortunately, most people never have this talk with themselves.

They set out to get rich without reading the terms and conditions. And then when the path they’re taking demands an arm and a leg, they think for a while, they sigh, they say “Oh well…”, and they agree.

And this, my friend, is the #1 reason why most of us know less-skilled people who are richer, healthier and happier than us.

#1: Money Hates Work

You must understand this…

Money hates work. Especially hard work.

And when I say money, I mean warm, orgasmic WEALTH. (Fuck-you-Money as some call it.)

It hates work. That is, the more work involved, the less money it will yield.

Think Janitors, Roofers, Movers, Cops, FIREMEN…you know them.

“If you cannot find a way to work less, you can never increase your income

The math is simple.

Hardwork is a stillborn strategy for generating wealth.

Why? There are only so many hours in a day. If you can’t increase time, you cannot use time to boost productivity or grow wealth.

Unfortunately, the educational system has created work-robots out of all of us. We think in terms of work.

Lazy people like me have a better chance at creating greater wealth than hardworking people -because hardwork is not an option. We will find another way.

Bottom line: You can’t get rich working harder.

#2 Reason: Money Ignores Skill

Everybody knows one handyman, vulcanizer, auto mechanic -or plumber who’s great at what they do -yet broke. We don’t stop to ponder why. At best, we sanctimoniously shake our heads and mutter “Life’s not fair sha”

But we lie!

First of all, we’re not here to be in competition with life. We’re here to enjoy it by cooperating with good ol’ life. And if the ones before us didn’t “have their way”, why do you think you can emotionally manipulate life to do things your way.

For example, most people think in terms of skill. They believe if they can only be the best at what they do, they will earn the highest.

Unfortunately, men like YemKem (trado-medical entrepreneur) are proving doctors wrong -and its not even like his products are working.

You can keep arguing about this, beefing the “losers” who are doing better than you in your field…

You can keep aiming for ego-stimulating certificates (I hear people even flaunt CAC/Business Registration Certificates on social media these days. LOL)

It won’t change anything.

Back when I was a web-designer, I knew I wasn’t the best. I wasn’t even the 1000th best anything.

But I knew HOW TO GET THE CLIENTS TO PAY TOP MONEY FOR MY WORK -even in a recession.

Web designers were a dime a dozen. You’ll see handprinted A4 papers pasted under Ikeja Bridge offering web design (plus hosting o!) for N20,000. *facepalm*

Keep in mind, some of these guys paid through their nostrils to learn the trade. Now, they’re stuck with the confusion of getting clients in a bloated market with a cutthroat and shameless price war.

But me…I’d get a job for say N2 million and outsource it to some mad, bad, (but broke) guru who was happy to accept N30,000 for the job. And I’d party till the job was done, while Mr Young Guru had sleepless nights getting the job done.

It is what it is. Bidnez. Is bidnez.

If you think this evil, check your bank account, read this post’s headline and think again.

Shettap and listen…

Africa produces the best and largest amount of cocoa, vanilla, and columbite (used in the trillion-dollar cellphone industry. Diamonds and crude oil too.

Africans do all the work -or at least the largest and dirtiest part of the work.

Then Europe takes it, refines it and sells it back to Africans at top dollar.

According to Kolumn Magazine, Africa produces 85% of the world’s $100 billion dollar Cocoa. Yet only 2% of the gains come to African farmers who do all the work. SMH

In other words, no matter how “skilled” African farmers get at increasing yield, it will not reflect on the bottom line.

Same thing goes for the wizard web designer, and every other field of expertise on earth. (Let me no get started about my Dad who is a nationally recognized Surgeon, but his bank account disputes that.)

You get the damn point.

It is the way wealth works. Your sentiments don’t matter. It is not evil or illegal.

Which brings us to the 3rd point…

#3: Money Abhors Sentiments

I can never forget the Bellview plane crash of 2005/6 at Ifo in Ogun State. Police and rescue services were prevented from reaching the place -until everybody was dead and their belongings looted. Fingers chopped off to access gold rings, etc.

It was horrible.

The monarch of the town demanded some 9 figure sum from the federal government to facilitate “a cleansing ritual”. I told somebody I wouldn’t be surprised if this town does NOT experience any real growth for a long time.

Also last week, just in the wake of the Xenophobia attacks in South Africa (another example in itself), shops owned by Nigerians in Lagos were attacked and looted.

The bookshelves were untouched though… smh

As far as these people were concerned, this was their chance to “finally get their slice from the rich”.

As far as most poor people are concerned, the rich are responsible for the poverty of the poor.

Thats what I call sentiment -and money hates it.

Also remember #OccupyWallStreet?

A senseless protest diabolically inspired to attack the rich and successful. (Call it what you want, but that’s the kind of sentiment that makes money avoid people).

But Wait…Why Don’t The Rich Ever Carry Placards???

They understand something that the rest of the placard-carrying, tyre-burning, poor masses do not.

I saw this statement on a Wall Street placard…

“One day, the poor will have nothing to eat but the rich”.

It is an emotionally charged but poorly thought out statement because…

When you’re done eating the rich, there will be nobody to employ your silly asses because…Oops! You’ve “eaten the rich”.

Which tells you one thing: SENTIMENTS CLOUD FORESIGHT.

And you need foresight to generate wealth.

Look, if ANY of these 3 points makes you the least bit uncomfortable, at least I warned you from the start. Unfortunately, you will have to choose between growth and your feelings.

If your feelings win, quit reading, then share this blog post to call me out on social media.

If growth wins, keep reading.

So wait…why is it easier for less-skilled and less-woke people to prosper in these times?

The answer is straight cut, textbook style.

Because they’re not smart enough to argue with the obvious.

I mean…

  • If the rich are always vacationing (not by hard work)
  • If the Kardashians of this world with absolutely ZERO “skill” are stinkin rich (while the honest hardworking folks almost always die broke)…
  • If the rich are hated by the poor majority, yet they keep getting richer…

Then isn’t it a no-brainer that these things (work, skill, sentiment) do not matter?

It’s hard to accept, I know. But money doesn’t care about your morals. Thats why politicians rarely file for bankruptcy.

It seems to prefer a certain code of conduct instead.

Something the average human being does not know.

In fact, only about 2% of human beings know, accept and embrace these principles, which pretty much explains everything else about wealth distribution.

Those who reject these truths will settle for ideas like…

“Only God determines who gets rich…” 


“There’s a conspiracy by the rich to keep everybody else poor”

Most people are terminally incapable of accepting these things, for which reason I’ll not be surprised if I get attacked for what I have shared here.

And if you have read to this point, then there’s hope…somewhat.


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